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Service & Repairs

Service and Maintenance

Kridan’s team of qualified service engineers provide local service support, carrying out on site repairs and servicing on most makes and models of forklift truck and associated equipment.

Planned Maintenance

Regular, planned maintenance of your truck allows early detection of issues, thus helping to reduce downtime and unplanned costs. Kridan can work with you to agree the correct frequency of planned visits per year, taking into account your usage and environment and furthermore, schedule these to minimise disruption to your lift truck use.

Breakdown Response

Despite carrying out planned maintenance, there may be instances when your truck breaks down, either through mechanical failure, misuse or abuse. Kridan takes pride in providing a rapid response to breakdowns. Preliminary diagnosis over the phone is vital to enable us to identify the correct approach to take, for example, sending a hydraulics specialist or battery specialist, arranging a short-term hire as a temporary replacement whilst repairs are undertaken or ensuring that a particular part is available. These actions are key in making sure that your machine is back up and operating as quickly as possible.

Maintenance Package

We understand that managing costs is essential to the smooth running of any business. Kridan can offer a monthly maintenance package that enables customers that lease or who own their machines to manage their maintenance costs. We can create a package in conjunction with your hours of use taking into consideration all routine and unplanned maintenance costs, excluding damage. Additional services, for example, tyres and Thorough Examinations can be budgeted into this package.

Thorough Examinations

Thorough Examination is a requirement under health and safety law. Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER) covers lifting equipment and Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) applies to all other safety related items, for example, brakes, steering and tyres. These must take place at regular intervals, at least annually, and this will be determined by the type of truck involved. Thorough examinations are in addition to scheduled services and any regular inspections as part of a maintenance package. Kridan is a CFTS accredited Company.